As part of its partnership, the Coalition of Farmers in Madagascar (CPM) received the representative of the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU) in Madagascar, from 27 to 29 October, in the person of Mr. Benito ELIASI.

The objectives of this visit by Mr Benito are clear:

  • to meet the members of the new groups who will be supported by the project in the municipalities of Tsinjoarivo Imanga, Ambatolampy and Fihaonana in order to raise their awareness;
  • meet with the leaders of the old cooperatives: the cooperative « TAMBATRA » for the commune of Maritampona, the « FTA » for that of Ankadinondry, « MIHARY » for Bemahatazana and « FANANTENANA » for that of Ambararatabe, all in Bongolava district

SACAU, through the CPM, supports the new cooperatives through the granting of fertilizers, seeds and training, on the one hand. It provides training for former cooperatives so that they can improve their activities on the other.

This partnership is part of the project « Strengthening Farmer Organizations in Africa Program (SFOAP) » and focuses on production and marketing of maize for farmers who are members of cooperatives in the Bongolava district.

The new groups of farmers in Tsinjoarivo Imanga Group photo during the meeting at CPM Bongolava region


Dans le cadre de son partenariat, la Coalition Paysanne de Madagascar (CPM) a reçu à Madagascar, du 27 au 29 octobre dernier, le représentant du Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU), en la personne de Monsieur Benito ELIASI.

Les objectifs de cette visite de Monsieur Benito sont clairs :

  • rencontrer les membres des coopératives nouvellement créées dans les communes de Tsinjoarivo Imanga, Ambatolampy et Fihaonana dans le but de les sensibiliser ;
  • rencontrer les dirigeants des anciennes coopératives : la coopérative « TAMBATRA » pour la commune de Maritampona, la « FTA » pour celle d’Ankadinondry, « MIHARY » pour Bemahatazana et « FANANTENANA » pour celle d’Ambararatabe, toutes dans la Région de Bongolava.

La SACAU, par le biais de la CPM, soutient les nouvelles coopératives par l’octroi des engrais, des semences, ainsi que des formations, d’une part. Il offre ainsi des formations aux anciennes coopératives pour que ces dernières puissent améliorer leurs activités, d’autre part. Ce partenariat entre dans le cadre du projet « Strengthening Farmer Organizations in Africa Program (SFOAP) » et se porte sur la production et commercialisation du maïs pour les paysans membres des coopératives de la Région de Bongolava.


                              Le groupe de paysans de la commune d'Ambatolampy                                                       Photo de groupe lors de la réunion au siège CPM région Bongolava




The International Agricultural Fair (FIA) was organized by the Ministry at the Presidency in charge of Agriculture and Livestock (MPAE), took place from 14 to 17 September 2017 at Forello, Tanjombato – Antananarivo, Madagascar.

This fair was the meeting place for different actors working in rural areas, such as producers of agricultural inputs, national and international banks, agro-industrial enterprises, not forgetting national farmers’ organizations such as the Chamber of Agriculture (Tranoben’ny TantsahaMpamokatra- TTM), the Coalition of Farmers in Madagascar (CPM), etc.

For the CPM, its participation has been obvious because it was represented by two different regions, Bongolava and Anosy. In our two booths, the first, with the Chamber of Agriculture (Tranoben’ny Tantsaha Mpamokatra -TTM), and the second, with the AROPA Project funded by IFAD (Support for the strengthening of professional organizations and agricultural services) we exhibited maize seed, IRAT 200 varieties.

This fair allowed farmers to see opportunities for partnership in the rural world. The participation of CPM was synonymous with success, not only our representatives were able to expand partnerships but also, and above all, it gave us a better visibility at national, regional and international level.

Photo of CPM members at the AROPA booth