The training of responsible on the campaign for the improvement of the structure of CPM in the Bongolava District took place on 24 and 25 August at the FJKM Tsiroanomandidy.

Mr. Louis Raymond RANDRIANONY, Chief of the Board, led the training, confirming that importance as it ensures that the objective is to improve the CPM system from the grassroot level. For the Bongolava district, these campaigns are organized for eight communes: Ambararatabe, Maritampona, Ankadinondry, Bemahatazana, Fihaonana, Tsinjoarivo Imanga, Mahasolo and Ambatolampy. In order to obtain good results, the CPM will employ a farmers Animator, including one farmers Animator for a municipality. The aim is to establish at least one farmers organization (FO) for each Fokontany and at least seven (07) Farmers Organization (FO) in a rural commune to form the Union of Farmers Organizations (UFO) It should be emphasized that these farmers Animator do not work alone, they work closely with regional secretariats and regional offices. According to the organization of farmers Animator, October 15 will be fixed as the deadline for the formalization of the Farmers Organizations for each rural commune.

Photo of the participants – farmers animators of the CPM in BONGOLAVA District